9. Hera


Built in 1898 by John Hilditch of Carrickfergus
Year: Owner(s):  
1898 W R P McKeight
1904 P M Watson
1905 B J Newcombe
1921 J StP McArdle
1922 O H Weekes
1927 F R Healey
1928 G E Neesbit
1931 A E Neesbit
1939 A O'Rahilly
1952 T Murphy  
1962 D F Ryder  
1967 A Goregrimes
1976 A Somerville
1982 I Guinness
1984 I Guinness & P Cronin
1985 I Guinness
1986 I & G Guinness & P Cronin
1992 M Duffy & J Early
1996 Michael Duffy & Jane Duffy (nee Early)
















Built by John Hilditch in Carrickfergus, Hera is one of the original five boats dating back to 1898. She became part of the Dublin Bay fleet in 1919 and returned to Howth for the 1962 season after official racing for the class ceased in 1961.

Badly damaged in the 'Long Shed' on Howth's East Pier following the worst effects of a winter storm in 1978, Hera was given new decks in 1979 restoring her to her former condition.