18. Erica


Built in 1988 by John O'Reilly of Howth
Year: Owner(s): Chartered by:
1988 HYC  
1989 HYC A Walsh & R Cooper
1991 HYC R O'Rourke
1992 HYC M Park
1993 HYC Dave Cullen & Christina Mullen
1994 HYC C Knowles (nee Mullen) & D Delamer
1995 HYC C Knowles L Williams and D Hanrahan
1996 HYC D Walls
1997 HYC S Maher P Kavanagh and J Somerville
1999 HYC D Cronin K Kenny and M Twomey
2003 HYC D Cronin K Kenny and L Massey
2005 Damian Cronin, Keith Kenny and Luke Massey  
2012 Ian Sheridan  
2017 C Hansen, Susan O'Mara and Shay Gilna  















Named after the botanical name for heather, 'Erica' was called after Heather Boyd - niece of the original designer W.H Boyd, is one of the newest Seventeens and was built in 1988