19. Isobel


Built in 1988 by John O'Reilly of Howth
Year: Owner(s): Chartered by:
1988 HYC  
1989 HYC M Duffy
1990 HYC Conor Walls
1991 HYC Michael Duffy
1992 HYC F O'Leary and S Morgan
1993 HYC Susan Morgan
1995 HYC M Fitzgibbon A Johnston & D Mulligan
2004 M Fitzgibbon A Johnston & D Mulligan  
2007 B & C Turvey & S O'Doherty  
2008 Brian & Conor Turvey    














Isobel is one of the two boats built in 1988 following a massive fund-raising effort by the class and members of Howth Yacht Club. Like the other boat built that year, Erica, she was initially owned by HYC and was chartered out each year to keen applicants.

Isobel was named after the widow of Jim Anderson after his efforts helped raise the money to build the boats but sadly he died before their launch.