16. Eileen


Built in 1908 by M. Mahony of Kingstown
Year: Owner(s):
1908 J E Mills
1925 R J E Roe
1933 T H Roche
1944 J J Macken
1952 J H Guilford
1960 M H Reid
1962 J D Pearson
1966 N Massey
1969 C O'Leary
1974 J Mark Lynch
2008 Kevin Finucane & Kevin O'Byrne
2014 Malcolm/ Cooper/ Turvey et al
2015 Rima Macken












One of two boats built by M. Mahony of Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), Eileen was sailed from Dublin Bay Sailing Club until 1960 when M. H. Reid brought her to Howth.