12. Rosemary

Built in 1907 by J. Kelly of Portrush
Year: Owner(s):
1907 C H Maffett
1919 C Sammon
1927 H D Pearson & Nicholl
1928 H D Pearson
1932 G Sterling & A F B Thompson
1933 A F B Thompson
1965 F J Espey
1971 R McKinley & G Curley
1973 George Curley & David Jones
2013 George Curley, David Jones and David Potter











Featured on a limited edition of postage stamp in the early 1980s, Rosemary was almost lost when she sank after a start-line collision during the 2007 Championships in Howth.

See our news report from September 2007  She was found days later in the seabed north of Howth harbour and after a two day operation was finally lifted ashore and repaired during the winter of 2008.