Melges 15 Class HYC

We are excited to introduce you to the Melges 15, a new one design boat which has recently been established at Howth Yacht Club.

12 Brand new M15s arrived in Howth in May 2024 adding to the Melges that arrived late last season so we now have a fleet of 13 one design dinghies ready to race. Check out our recent article on

We are delighted to announce that HYC has purchased one of the boats and it will be made available to members for training and charter.  

Check out the unboxing at the club when the container arrived in from Melges HQ in the US - Shout out to Gary Cullen for the amazing drone footage.

This mini website has been launched to keep all information relating to the M15 in one place.  Use the menu options on the left to navigate to sub pages such as Calendar of events, Contacts, Crew and Social etc.

The Melges 15 is a Fun, Fast and Affordable boat which is taking the USA by storm and has already established a fleet in Ireland with a 10 boats racing across the bay in Dun Laoghaire.

Hear directly from Eddie Cox from Melges:

A boat for everyone

The Melges 15 offers the possibility for many crew combinations due to its stability and large sail area (which is easily handled). In the U.S., many of the fleet are family members sailing together, and the class also boasts lots of all-female and teenage crews making it a truly versatile boat for the future. A quick, easy to learn on boat, the Melges 15 is perfect for parents who want to race with their children, and offers the ideal design for students, first-time sailors, and anyone else seeking an affordable, approachable boat.

Take a closer look...

Check out our photo gallery that includes some photos of the boats already in Ireland.


Summing up

We are really looking forward to establishing this new fleet at Howth Yacht Club.  This is a really open group and our goal is to get people sailing, enjoy some competitive racing on a pretty cool one design fleet and have some FUN!