Sailors for the Sea at the Youth Nationals

Protecting The Seas

Howth Yacht Club joined forces with our friends at Sailors For The Sea in 2014. Since then, we have made 8 large regattas cleaner and greener and helped to protect the seas we play in. At WAVE Regatta in 2022, we estimated we saved over 2,000 single-use plastic bottles in 3 days by all the sailors having their own water bottles and providing a filtered water fountain in the dinghy park!

For the 2023 Youth Nationals, we will try to achieve the Gold standard and that means we all need to make an effort.

  • We will not have single-use plastics.
  • We will make sure our RIB engines are turned off when we are not moving.
  • We will walk or cycle and share cars to and from the event every day.

These small little things and others will combine to create one big result.


Recycling and Waste

There are green bins throughout the dinghy pen.

On the water, official RIBs will take any waste you want to dispose of.

The after-sailing food will be served in biodegradable trays. Please put these in the black bins when you have eaten




There will be some really special prizes awarded at the end of the Championships for the sailors that show how passionate they are for looking after our lovely seas.