AQUA Double-Handed Race

05 August 2014

There seems to be plenty of interest in the club about the forthcoming ‘AQUA Double-Handed Race’.  The plan is to have a number of courses to choose from on the day varying from 25-40 miles, depending on weather.  The start will commence at 10am on Saturday 23rd August with plenty of time for a few libations and some healthy banter afterwards!

Sailing Instructions will be posted before the race. The objectives of this race (sponsored by Aqua Restaurant) are many but importantly safety and fun. It offers a different sailing experience from club racing or windward leeward courses and will I hope attract those who are not sailing regularly due to not having full crew in addition to regular participating boats.

Please get your entry in ASAP so we can ensure that everyone is catered for as best as practicable, it’s only €25! If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to sail in spinnaker or while sails then just enter one and a switch can be facilitated nearer the day.

Enter online here