Lambay Races poised to attract large entry

03 June 2015

With only a few days to go before Howth Yacht Club's annual regatta, the Lambay Races are already attracting entries and event chairman James Markey says that this year's race around Fingal's historic island promises to be one of the largest attended in recent years. In addition to the usual amount of visitors (normally accounting for a third of all competing yachts), the extra fleet of 'old gaffers' and the favourable timing of this year's regatta, just a week before the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race, will also be attractive to many more coastal and offshore sailors. 

The social schedule looks to be a complete and quality offering, building on the recent growing reputation of HYC's hospitality team. Club Manager Carl Hanratty is buoyant about the event and said: 'The Lambay Races is one of HYC's most important annual open events and this year will afford the club and its members the opportunity to demonstrate to visitors how well we can attract and cater for large numbers of boats and sailors. We are really looking forward to providing a warm welcome and quality regatta offering to members, guests and visitors on that weekend.' (See the full social programme here)

This year's Lambay Races are generously sponsored by Davy, whose Senior Portfolio Manager Graham Cawley is equally enthusiastic about the event and took some time out to chat with HYC's Commodore Brian Turvey, answering some questions about his interest in partnering with the club for this year's races... 

Commodore: I know that you live locally on the peninsula, so are you a sailor?

Graham: Not a very good one. I was a latecomer to the sport, starting in my twenties. I joined HYC and crewed on squibs which were all the rage then. Ah, good times. I also bought a laser and taught myself to fall out of it in Sutton lagoon and Malahide estuary. After a hiatus spending some years abroad and generally running around after kids I have recently become active on the water again. I renewed my membership to HYC last year and crew on a white sailed cruiser. I really enjoy it.

Commodore: Explain to us why has Davy agreed to partner with HYC and sponsor the Lambay Races?

Graham: Davy is presented with a plethora of sponsorship opportunities every year and has to be very selective. The idea to consider sponsoring an event was put to me by Club Manager Carl Hanratty who I have known for many years. When I discussed the matter with our marketing team and senior management we felt that the sport of sailing and Howth Yacht Club are both things that fit well with our values, while the Lambay race has a long history and is something very distinctive which appeals to us. Coupled with the fact plenty of enthusiastic sailors rank amongst our clients it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Commodore: What's it like working for Davy Private Clients?

Graham: It’s great. There are three main aspects to the role:

1. Meeting and getting to know clients. Establishing and building a good dialogue is fundamental to developing meaningful relationships and providing the right advice is paramount.

2. Advising on markets and identifying opportunities is an essential part of the service, it is also a very engaging aspect of the job. There is no shortage of specialists to consult on a broad range of strategies and ideas. However it should not be seen as dabbling in the stock market or playing around with money. Every investment decision we take is in the context of achieving clients’ specific financial goals.

3. The overarching objective is to ensure every client has thought about and developed a plan to meet their financial objectives, whether it is to build an asset base to provide for future income needs or a tax efficient estate plan. People worry a lot about these things and it is very satisfying to be able to get to the nub of these issues and provide solutions that leave them feeling more content and in control.

Commodore: So how much money does someone need to have to be a Davy client?

Graham: Perhaps like sailing, Davy is more accessible than people perceive. The business is structured to ensure that every customer from those with thousands to those with millions get the appropriate advice and level of service.

Commodore: We are really appreciative of Davy's partnership with our club and the Lambay Races, as it will afford us the opportunity of adding discernible value to the event and for all club members. So if anyone is curious about what Davys might be able to do for them, how should they get in touch?

Graham: Just drop me an email at [email protected] or call me on 672-4272. I’ll be delighted to hear from anyone. Depending on what your requirement is, I’ll put you in touch with the right person in Davy.

Commodore: Have you any tips? 

Graham: Of course.....

1.  Identify your goals and put a plan in place to achieve them.

2.  Tie your anchor to the boat before throwing it into the water.

Davy's Graham Cawley in conversation with HYC Commodore Brian Turvey