Club rescue/ race management pathway







As a provider of top quality racing for the world sailing community Howth Yacht Club has a strong race management and rescue team.

To maintain and improve this service we are offering a range of training and certified courses to give members the opportunity to gain skills knowledge and experience in race management and power boating

Some of the scheme is free to members of the club through a system of pay back. A number of hours spent providing rescue or race management for the club. It is important to note that this system is linked with the instructor pathway covering some of the requirements for becoming an instructor. This is open to all members who wish to become involved in race management.

Please note that to provide safety cover on the water it is important to maintain an in date First aid certificate for which the club provides regular refresher courses.

These training courses are run to meet demand - if you wish to refresh or up skill please register your interest in a course and you will be contacted when we have the appropriate number of interested parties to run a course. In exceptional circumstances we will endeavor to run a course for you and there may be an additional charge.

ISA Introduction to Powerboating:

Objective: This course provides a practical introduction to powerboats and is ideal for anyone who is new to powerboating or who will be crewing a powerboat.

Boats: Club R.I.B.s.

Duration: Min 7 hours

Eligibility: At least 15 years of age.

On completion: Crew for rescue, gain valuable experience before moving on.


ISA National Powerboat certificate:

This course is a pre requisite to become an ISA instructor

Objective: The "driving licence" of power boating. This course provides all of the skills and knowledge required by anyone taking charge of a powerboat.

Boat: Club RIBs

Duration: Min 14 Hours on the water

Eligibility: Have completed the introduction to power boating course and 20 hours logged. If you are 17+ years and have experience in powerboats already you will be considered for direct entry onto this course

On Completion: Club rescue boat driver.

ISA Safety Boat:

This course is a pre requisite to become an ISA Advanced, Kites & wires and Club racing instructor.

Objective: Primarily aimed at instructors and racing clubs this course prepares you to escort and provide safety / rescue cover for fleets of dinghies, windsurfers and canoes taking part in training or racing activities and to assist in race management duties.

Boats: Club ribs.

Duration: 14 hours on the water

Eligibility: Have completed National powerboat certificate and 20 hours logged First aid and VHF

On completion: Provide rescue cover for all open regattas