Preparatory Works Commence on Middle Pier Project

01 October 2020
Preparatory Works Commence on Middle Pier Project

The appointed contractor Sisk will commence preparatory work this week and will likely start construction at the end of October or first week in November.

If you haven’t seen the plans the scope is to increase the trawler berthing towards the end of the rock armoured inner middle pier light platform and reclaim the area on the opposite outer side enclosed by the elbow with the spoil from dredging the new berths. This is north of the public slip, west of the marina channel and currently occupied by a small number of drying moorings.

The works will take up to 14 months to end of December 2021 but it is hoped the contractor will be able to reduce this significantly. The construction site will require the middle pier to be closed from a point adjacent to the public slipway end. This will displace over 100 parking places during the works. This will impact users, principally fishermen and HYC members as displaced users will move closer to the clubhouse which will affect capacity for club sailing,  open and social events.  We are working with the Harbour Master and are looking at ways to minimise the impact on members.

For more information click the link to the Contractor Sisk’s web site here