July 1st Welcomes Back Wednesday Night Keelboat Racing

02 July 2020
July 1st Welcomes Back Wednesday Night Keelboat Racing

Those who may have amused themsleves since March with games of snakes and ladders were probably best prepared for the evening's racing.  The light south easterly breeze and a tide that changed from flood to ebb set plenty of challenges for those hoping for a straightforward intro to the 2020 calendar.

The early leaders, reaching up the middle of Howth Sound to take advantage of the tide, found themselves in snake mode as the flow reversed and the wind faded. The canny chasers headed for the east pier, daring each other as close to the evening strollers as their depth sounder alarms and willingness to risk fresh antifouling allowed.  The shortened course signal after a single lap of the Sound ensured a finish for most before the wind disappeared and the mist rolled down off Howth Head.

Maximus, Paddy Kyne's X302, took best advantage of the conditions, to grab line honours.  Regardless of result, just being afloat.and having their first race sailed was success for everyone and good reason to head ashore for socially distanced food and refreshments, along with tales of what might have been.

Neil Murphy