New Wash-down pad under crane

29 November 2018
We finally have installation dates for the long awaited Wash Down Pad upgrade to the crane area. This simple system will direct anti-fouling residues through a drain system to a settling tank beneath the newly contained crane area. The collected residues will be removed periodically by a specialist disposal company. Alongside this facility boats owners with excessive growth will have to collect and dispose of in the provided refuse bin for landfill. This is to follow the recommended practice for the EU funded Irish Sea Bio-Diversity program which many of the local marinas are involved in. Kevin Monks is our representative for the program which is monitoring and trying to control invasive (foreign) species e.g sea squirts which cost €1m to clear from Holyhead drains. We are happy to report that all our sea squirts in the marina are native and very healthy!
The work will commence on the 17th Dec for one week to install the tank and recommence on 7th Jan to complete the work on the pad and drainage. So in effect, with holidays, there will be no crane available between 17th Dec and 14th Jan.
If you are planning to lift or launch over the Christmas and New Year period please book outside these dates and if you have any questions please contact the Marina Office.