Wednesday night snooker returns

28 October 2018
Wednesday night snooker returns
Now that the winter is just around the corner the Winter Wednesday Night Series of Snooker has started. The turnout for the first two weeks has been very good. The new handicaps are being established and most of us are trying to find our form!
This year we are having a Christmas Competition, The final is scheduled for early December and the date is not yet finalised as it will depend on the number of entrants. The Entry Form is on the noticeboard in the Snooker Room, or through John Faller and he may be contacted on 087 2361564. The Entry Fee is €10.00 which must be paid directly to John. When planning this competition was clear that to get all the matches played in the 6 weeks prior to the final there has to be a series of cut off dates. To make this work, any matches not played by the target dates will be decided on the toss of a coin. We hope that we shall not have to implement such an action, but the need for it is clear.
We are currently reviewing the locker allocations in the snooker rooms. There are a number of lockers which do not appear to be in use, either because the holders have resigned, died or otherwise are not using their locker. A few have cues, but do not have any identifying marks on them. We would like to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of these members or former members to contact me. It is our intention to empty unused lockers so that they can be allocated to members who play on a regular basis.
If you are a member who plays snooker, but does not participate in our Wednesday night matches we would like to hear from you.
John Faller