Submitting news

20 May 2014

Here are some helpful guidelines to help members prepare news articles for publication to the HYC website:

  1. Be clear and succinct with your message
  2. Understand the diversity of your audience and ensure that your article is appropriate and interesting.
  3. Avoid 'flowery' language!
  4. Keep your message brief, measuring it with previous articles if in doubt as to the ideal length.
  5. Add good images/ photos. The headline image should be bright and of excellent quality and will require to be 'landscape' format for front page publication. Every article will require a photo or appropriate image.
  6. Avoid photos taken in poor light conditions by smartphones as they are unlikely to be of good enough quality to post. Night-time (prize giving) photos will require to be of high quality to be considered for publication.
  7. Remember that the centre news column is dedicated to appropriate sailing news and related activities. Social news headings appear in the left side column.
  8. Make sure it's not 'old' news and submit it early!
  9. Avoid using 'I' and 'we' - keep your script as though you are an observer rather than an integral part of the story. (Even if you were!)
  10. Remember that if your piece is published it will be promoting our club's interests as well as the members opinions and views.
  11. Avoid 'formatting' the text - as it will probably have to be edited.

....and finally, click the 'Post News' button at the foot of each page to email your articles.