ICRA 'Try sailing' day - Saturday 3rd May

02 May 2014

The ICRA (Irish Cruiser Racing Association) “Come Sailing Programme” is coming back to HYC on Saturday May 3rd. Last year 84 sailors took part on the day, and one again we will be utilising the ISA Sailfleet J80 keelboats to get everyone out on the water.

ICRA and Howth Yacht Club would like to welcome anyone who might be interested in taking up the sport of sailing … or perhaps even returning to it!

Built on the success from last year and due to popular demand ICRA and Howth Yacht Club have decided to run another Come Sailing Day Session on May 3rd.

‘Come Sailing Day’ is an initiative within this continuing programme aimed to get people curious about the sport a first opportunity to get onboard, for those that want to try out bigger boats and for those that want to get back to the sport.

On the water, sailors can try different positions on the boat, and those new to the world of sailing will see a racing boat in operation and will get to work in a number of positions. Sailors will initially attend shore sessions which will give an overview of specific roles on the boat and explain the training programme for same. Teams will be assembled and directed towards a specific session and there will be an option to attend more than one of these if time allows. There will be a number of high-tech race boats prepared on the marina, which can be viewed and owners will be delighted to show participants around.

The objectives of this session are:

1. To establish/open a link between new and experienced sailors to the racing boats

2. To allow non or very inexperienced sailors a chance to go out on a racing yacht and also to attend a shore session where they will get an overview of the position that the coach suggests most suitable.

3. To allow crew who have already sailed to try out all positions on the boat...including helm, and then attend relevant shore session which will list in detail an overview of a particular position - lets see how good a main trimmer you could be!

Some of the best sailors in the country will run the shore sessions!  At the end of this session you will have a good insight into the role of a ‘racing crew’ and we are sure you will be mad keen to come racing with us!


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