Runners and Riders: A Preview of Wave Regatta 2024

07 May 2024
Runners and Riders: A Preview of Wave Regatta 2024

With the excitement building for the upcoming Wave Regatta 2024, sponsored by Porsche Centre Dublin and hosted by Howth Yacht Club from May 24th to 26th, sailors and spectators alike are gearing up for three days of thrilling keelboat racing along Fingal’s beautiful coastline.

As anticipation mounts, let's take a closer look at some of the entrants who are poised to make waves at this year's event.


Final Call II

Boat Type: A35 (Archambault)

Owner: John Minnis

Clubs: Royal Ulster Yacht Club & Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

Notable Achievements: Final Call II has certainly left her mark on the racing circuit over the last couple of seasons. Having convincingly secured victory in the IRC 1 division at the 2023 Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta, demonstrating remarkable skill and resilience against stiff competition, she went on to finish a very credible second in Class 1 at ICRA 2023. The well sailed Final Call II also asserted her dominance In the previous Wave Regatta 2022, claiming first overall in IRC Class 1 with a commanding lead of almost 10 points over second place. With a proven track record of success and a seasoned crew at the helm, Final Call II is poised to make a significant impact at Wave Regatta 2024 in what is sure to be a very competitive fleet.



Boat Type: J122

Owner: The Jones Family (Crosshaven)

Club: Royal Cork Yacht Club

Notable Achievements: JellyBaby, owned and sailed by the Jones family, has been a force to reckon with since replacing their highly successful J109. Named RCYC Yacht of the Year in 2022, JellyBaby clinched victory in Class 0 at the last Wave Regatta in 2022 and secured another win in Class 0 at the 2023 ICRA event.


Two Farr

Boat Type: Half Tonner

Owners: Dave Kelly, Patrick Boardman, Rob O’Leary

Club: Rush S.C / Baltimore SC / Howth Y.C / Royal Cork Y.C.

Notable Achievements: As previous owners of King One, this team boasts an impressive pedigree as the 2022 Half Ton Cup winners. The new boat 2 Farr, acquired from Australia and undergoing an IRC optimization, can claim sistership to the highly successful Swuzzlebubble and is expected to showcase both speed and skill on the Dublin waters.



Boat Type: Local Non-spinnaker

Owners: John Beckett and Andy George

Club: Howth Yacht Club

Notable Achievements: Splashdance, a local favorite owned by Howth's John Beckett and Andy George, has undergone upgrades for the 2024 season. With a solid performance in 2023 and a new sail plan, the enthusiastic team is eyeing success in the non-spinnaker category. Notably, Splashdance clinched third place in the ICRA 2023 championship and enjoys a personal connection to Irish media personality Vogue Williams who will be performing live on the main stage during this year’s Wave regatta.



Boat Type: MG34

Owner: Dermot Skehan

Club: Howth Yacht Club

Notable Achievements: Toughnut, under the command of owner Dermot Skehan, has carved out a reputation for resilience and success on the Non Spinnaker racing circuit. In the rugged conditions of Wave Regatta 2022, Toughnut emerged as a standout performer, claiming victory in the Class 5 Non-Spinnaker division and earning the prestigious title of Overall Winner of the event. Navigating the challenging Lambay Race, Skehan and his crew of longtime friends and shipmates showcased their mettle, cementing their status as heroes of the regatta. Their outstanding performance earned Skehan the accolade of Sailor of the Month for June that year. Toughnut continued its winning streak by securing another victory in the non-spinnaker division at the ICRA 2023 event. With a proven track record Toughnut is definitely one to watch out for at Wave Regatta 2024.


As the countdown to Wave Regatta 2024 begins, these contenders represent just a glimpse of the talent and excitement that awaits on the picturesque coastline of Fingal. Stay tuned as sailors from across the region converge for a weekend of exhilarating racing, camaraderie, and celebration at one of Ireland's premier keelboat events.