Darkness Into Light 2024: Let's Make Waves of Hope and Solidarity

25 April 2024
Darkness Into Light 2024: Let's Make Waves of Hope and Solidarity

On Saturday, 11th May, in the tranquil hours before dawn Howth Yacht Club Marina will come alive with a sense of purpose and unity.

As the sun begins to rise, HYC sailors, paddlers, and adventurers will gather for Darkness Into Light, the powerful initiative organized by Pieta House that aims to bring hope and support to those impacted by suicide and self-harm.


Darkness into Light calls all HYC boat owners, skippers and crews

The waters off Howth will witness a fleet of HYC J80s high flying the Darkness into Light insignia designed by Paul at Digital Print & Image, their sails catching the first light of day.

Sail out along the HYC Cruising Group J80s Armada as their boats will glide gracefully, symbolizing resilience and community spirit.

Let’s create an early morning armada of empathy. Jump in your boat, gather your crew, put your sails up: your presence matters. Extend the invitation to your fellow seafarers, and let’s fill the harbour with purpose.

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Walk & Boat with Shane, Howth Adventures and Ireland’s Eye Ferries

Shane, the spirited captain of Howth Adventures and Ireland’s Eye Ferries and his Team of expert guides will lead walkers on the cliff path, accompanied by the morning breeze and the distant lapping of waves, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is movement and anticipation toward light.

Meanwhile, the motorboat “Pinalia” will ferry passengers towards Ireland’s Eye, bridging the gap between land and sea in a circle of friendship and support in the darkest hours.

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Paddling where the sun rises

For those who prefer a paddle, Eoin and Discover SUP will lead a flotilla of stand-up paddleboards. The rhythmic strokes of paddles will echo the determination to break through darkness and find solace in the dawn.

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An Inclusive Dawn Gathering

The gathering will unfold between 4:00 am for sailors and 4:30 am for walkers, boat cruisers and paddlers, a time when the world is hushed, and the horizon hints at the approaching daybreak.

And as the outing concludes, there will be warmth waiting at the HYC Club House: hot drinks and freshly baked scones—a comforting reward for a community early-morning commitment.


Support the Cause

Your participation to our event can make a difference and your contribution can make an even bigger one. Whether you decide to join in or you prefer to accompany us with positive vibes, donate generously to Darkness Into Light and Pieta — every euro given is a beacon of hope for someone in need.

Donate directly on HYC Fundraising Page: https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/hyc2024

As the sun ascends over Howth rugged cliffs, we will stand together, united against the shadows. Howth Yacht Club will be a place of courage, solidarity, and community.


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