Brass Monkeys continues despite the unpredictable weather

19 November 2023

Despite the iffy forecast we managed to get the fleet around a short course with westerly winds averaging 18/20 knots and a max showing on the Committee boat of 26 knots. A nice flat sea took some of the pressure off every one including Committee boat crew. Following last week’s abortive attempt it was great to get everyone away with clean starts, in fact I think some boats were not sure which start they were going for, judging the variation of starts, maybe I set too long a line!!

It was a case of the usual culprits taking the podium again, one two spectacular broaches, we were too far away to hear the screams. I was interested to see who would win out in the J80 challenge, was it going to be the young Turks, or the slightly older Turks, you will have to look at results to satisfy your curiosity. We had a turnout of 18 boats who appeared to enjoy the brisk sail. Roll on next week and put in a request for a little less wind.