Motor Boats

Motor Boat or Motor Yacht.

By Howard D McMullan.

When considering the purchase of a Motor Boat or Motor Yacht there are a number of criteria to consider. Which of the following will I require:

1.      Sea Going Boat.

2.      River Boat.

3.      Canal Boat.

4.      Day or Weekend Cruising Boat.

5.      Long distance Cruising Boat.

6.      Live aboard Boat.

What size do you require, i.e.  Length overall , Beam, draft. You must enquire from whichever Marina you intend to use whether they can cope with the dimensions that you are considering.

Next, You should consider what Size of Engine or Engines you will need. If you are buying a second hand boat check that she has a service history for the engines and whether it has been maintained by the agent for that make of engine.

Amount of Accommodation below decks ? Does she have adequate seating area to entertain you and your friends / crew. Also the number of bunks below, how many will you need ? The Galley area is most important. Is the size of the galley adequate for you to cook and produce fine cuisine ! Is it equipped with a good cooker/oven, does it have a large enough freezer box and fridge. Is there a microwave and kettle etc?

Navigation Equipment ; Is she adequately kitted out with modern navigation gear to make the life of the Skipper / Navigator easier.

Does the Boat have a good windless to let down and take up the heavy anchor and chain. Learn about anchoring ,it is a whole subject on its own.

Running Costs;  The average running costs is approximately 20% of the value of your boat per annum. However this may change as the costs of fuel varies from time to time.

Consider your level of Boating / Yachting experience. If you are inexperienced doing a Motor Boat course is vital , Single prop, Twin Props is also a consideration.

Finance. Again this is a complete subject to itself. Do you fund the purchase or get Marine Finance. Remember that most yachts Depreciate over time and what you are paying finance for might not be the true value of what you own.

Before you make a purchase, talk to other motor boat owners. Checkout Forums re the boat you are considering. Make sure you use an Experienced Yacht/Motor Boat Surveyor to do a comprehensive survey . Ask for their opinion as they are experienced in this area.

Finally, Remember, this is just your Hobby or Sport.

Best of luck with your purchase.