Meet our staff

Management and administration

The Clubhouse and Staff are managed through a House Committee led by Rear Commodore Paddy Judge  The following are the staff you are likely to meet and help you in the different areas of activity in Howth Yacht Club.

Office Supervisor: Karen Soye (reception, admin and hospitality )

Office administrator: Margaret Chorley (reception, admin and hospitality -


Financial Manager Padraic Minton monitors all club financial activities including procurement, purchasing oversight and HR monitoring -



Bar and catering



Both supervisor Frank Kelly who oversees the bar and its staff, and bar steward Brian Radcliffe are our full-time staff.

Part-time bar stewards Sarah Jane Larkin, George McMahon, Ian Byrne, John Delaney and Kevin Tormey and will all be happy to serve you. (Ian also works in the Marina Office and Administration)


Sarah Jane








Fred Connolly is our full-time marine supervisor and looks after the scheduling of tasks amongst the marine staff -




                  Alin                                      Kevin

Full-time marine operatives, Alin Guidea and Kevin Masterson are familiar faces to members who require assistance in respect of marina, crane, admin, fuelling, launch and other associated marine services. 

Andrew Harris and Ryan Shaw work as peak/ part-time marine staff, helping members with many of our marine services during the busy months and busiest times of the year.




Helen Clarke works part-time in both the Marina Office and Admin and helps with administration and billing.

Sail Training

Brian McDowell

Sailors will be familiar with Brian McDowell who is in charge of sail training and can be reached at



Christine Kerley looks after the club's racing results service. She works part-time in the results office throughout the year and can be contacted at