Marina & Harbour News

11th August 2016
The recent unsavoury flows into the marina have been investigated by Fingal County Council engineers and have identified the cause of the problem. It appears that the FOUL pipe in the village was blocked and this backed up to allow sewage get in to the surface water pipe. This then appeared in the out fall at the marina.
They have cleared the blockage. They are carrying out weekly inspections to ensure that this blockage does not happen again.
The Marina & Harbour Committee are proposing to replace the surface on the gangway with a new matted surface which is used on many marinas including the new fish dock. It is far safer for those using the marina especially at low tide when there is a steep slope and especially those using the barrows. We have had a number of incidents where people have slipped on the timber which becomes quite slippery especially in the winter and when the timber is wet.
A sample is available in the marina office for inspection.

10th August 2016

           Letter from Minister Creed to Minister McGrath

22nd July 2016

Dredging: The Department of the Marine have appointed consultants to prepare a dumping at sea licence for the silt which will be recovered from the dredging. This license will be sought from the Environmental Protection Agency. It is hoped that the licence application would be made within 6 weeks and the licence hopefully will be granted with conditions within 3 to 4 months thereafter. This will bring us into 2017. Dredging is still dependent on funding. But at least the paperwork is in train. The Department is in the final stages of appointing a new grade 1 engineer for Howth harbour. This further confirms their preparation for a major project. Funding is key for the project. In the programme for government the envelope for large projects is not in place until 2018. We would ask members to continuously remind their public representatives of the key need for dredging.

Marina maintenance: We have noted the contents of the marina survey carried out by Walcon. The minor issues are being addressed by the marina staff. We are in the process of pulling together a work schedule for the winter to focus on the main issues. We are preparing a tender document to be sent to various parties for quotations. It is likely that the main work will be done during the winter when we have some freedom and flexibility in relation to moving boats where necessary. If members are aware of any issues that need to be addressed they should notify the marina staff and have the item logged.