J/24 Euros 2022 - Race Area

Race Area


Distance to race area

  • Courses will be laid on open water north and west of Howth harbour between the islands of Lambay and Ireland’s Eye
  • Time to racecourse – on average, between 15 and 30 minutes
  • Obstructions between harbour mouth and Race Area are clearly marked with buoys


Course Rotation

  • Racing waters are on a 12 km stretch between Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye island. Courses can be rotated through all points of the compass with minimal influence from surrounding land masses.
  • Approx. 15m deep race area
  • No Commercial Traffic


Tidal/topographical influence


  • Tides in race area flow generally in a north-south direction and are non-spring tides for the proposed and alternative dates for the event.
  • The race area is outside those locations which are subject to complex tidal flows, such as the immediate environs of Ireland’s Eye.


  • Landmasses – the race area has a low-lying landmass to the west and has minimal effect on wind direction or flow. Race area would be at least 1km from nearest land.
  • The race area is not near cliffs which cause considerable bends.
  • Weather conditions -  steady winds, averaging 12-15 knots, prevailing from the West. See the data from nearby Dublin Aiport below.