Ireland's Eye Golf Society 2019

President: Bryan Lynch
Captain: Paddy Judge
Vice Captain: David Jones
Hon Secretary: John Massey (085 8571199)
Hon Treasurer: Michael Martin (086 8282695)
Committee: Naomi Cassidy, Joe Cull, Conor Holmes
Ex Officio: Jacki Reville
Fixtures for 2019:
  • 2nd May Beaverstown G.C.
  • 13th June Skerries G.C.
  • 4th July Knightsbrook G.C. Trim
  • 5th September Sutton G.C. (Captain's Day)
  • 20th September I.E.G.S. vs National Y.C.
  • 3rd October Howth G.C. (President's Prize)
Visitors are very welcome to all outings

Knightsbrook GC Outing 4th July

1st  with  31  points   Berchmans  Gannon
2nd with  30  points   Larry  Banks
3rd  with  30  points   Mirja  Wenski
Winner  of  class 1  with   28 points  Paddy  Judge
Winner  of  class 2  with  29  points  John  Bennett
Winner  of  class 3  with  23  points  Eamonn  Doherty
Winner  of  1st  9     Billy  Morgan
Winner  of  2nd  9    Tom  Fitzpatrick

Skerries GC Outing - 13th June

1st.  With  36  points  Conor  Holmes
2nd  With  33  points  John   Bennett
3rd   With  31  points   Damien  Jennings
Winner  in  class 1   with  29  points  Paddy  Judge
Winner  in  class  2  with  28   points  Larry  Banks
Winner  in  class  3  with  30   points  Mirja  Wenski
Winner  of  First  9  with  17 points  John  Massey
Winner  of  Second  9  with 17 points  Anthony  Gore Grimes


Beaverstown GC Outing - 2nd May

1st    Billy  Morgan
2nd   Joe  Cull
3rd    Vincent Wallace
1st class 1   Conor Murphy
1st class 2   John Bennett
1st class 3   Eileen Lappin
Winner of front 9   Michael Martin
Winner of back 9   Paddy Judge