HYC Crew Finder

HYC boasts one of the largest membership bases in Ireland but with so much activity at the Club, it can  sometimes be tricky to find a way to connect those looking to crew with boats seeking crew members, unless you know where to look.

Enter Crew Finder, a software powered by Railmeets and designed to connect you with the right member to get you on the water!

So how does it work exactly? 

Sometimes seeing is believing so watch the demo video below to get a better understanding of how it works.


Watch Demo Video

Tip: Click on Expand to watch the video in full screen.

Setting up a Crew Finder Profile

Whether you're a crew looking for a boat or a boat looking for a crew, the first step is to setup a profile on Crew Finder

Click Here to log into HYC's new Crew Finder and let's get started!


Click the green "Add Me" button to begin


You will be prompted to create a login. Enter your information and choose a password, then confirm your account via email to log in.


You did it! Update your profile with sailing skills, location, and what it is your looking for on Crew Finder. The more info you add, and the people who join, the more sailing opportunities for HYC members!

Need Help? - Watch the video below that walks you through the Profile setup process...

Boats Looking for Crew

If you are a Skipper looking for Crew, the First Step is to setup your Crew Finder Profile following the steps above.

Then you can add your boat.  Once you are logged into Crew Finder, you can click on "My Boats" in the top menu or simply click on this link.

Need Help? Watch the video below that walks you through the Boat setup process...

The Crew Finder site can be used for all types of sailing to connect boats and Crew. Cruising - Day Sails, Cruising Port to Port and obviously Club Racing.  It doesn't have to be a permanent requirement either - Sometimes Skippers are just looking for Crew for a specific event and Crew might only be available for specific events.

The more information you give regarding your sailing skills, location, etc., the easier it will be for those seeking crew to find you!  We also have the opportunity of Delivery trips looking for Crew and Crew looking for adventures!

Have a look around, if you are a boat owner, put your boat up, if you are looking for a boat to sail on, put yourself up. It is easy and will open up new crew and sailing opportunities for HYC members. If you need any help in this area and email [email protected]