Entry List for Lambay Races and Howth Regatta

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Class Sail No. Boat Name Owner Name(s) Club
Non Spinnaker IRL-657 Voyager 657 Joe Carton
Class 2 IRL-988 Dux Caroline Nico Gore-Grimes
Class 1 IRL-6697 Jeneral Lee C & K Kavanagh
Class 3 IRL-8188 Alliance II Vincent Gaffney
Squib 37 Kerfuffle Emmet Dalton
Howth 17 7 Aura Ian Malcolm
Class 3 GBR-4064 Legal Alien Jill Sommerville
Class 2 IRL-2794 Mata Wright de Neve
Class 3 IRL-9541 K-Nine Mulvihill & Murphy
Class 2 IRL-2016 Checkmate XV David Cullen
Non Spinnaker 1411T Toughnut Dermot skehan
Howth 17 6 Anita Donald Massey
Howth 17 11 Deilginis Massey, Toomey, Kenny
Non Spinnaker IRL-2070 Out&About McCoy Cregan
Howth 17 17 Oona Peter Courtney
Howth 17 19 Isobel Brian & Conor Turvey
Howth 17 21 Orla Gallagher & Fitzgibbon
Puppeteer 254 Gold Dust Scorie Walls & Declan Browne
Howth 17 3 Leila Roddy Cooper
Puppeteer 385 Ibis Susan Sheridan
Class 2 IRE-2507 Impetuous Noonan/Chambers
Howth 17 14 Gladys Ferris/Byrne
Squib 148 Halloween Peter Malone
Non Spinnaker Irl387 Mystique of malahide R&R Michael
Class 1 IRL-9970 Lambay Rules Stephen Quinn
Non Spinnaker IRL-6001 REBELLION Hughes O'Mahony Hanlon
Non Spinnaker 3335-C Bite the Bullet Colm Bermingham
Class 3 680 Kilcullen David Johnston
Class 2 IRL-1972 No Excuse Wormald, Walsh, O'Neill
Non Spinnaker 381 Tritsch-Tratsch IV David Delamer
Puppeteer IRE-50 Oddyssey Philip and Roslyn Byrne
Non Spinnaker IRL-4073 Splashdance Andy George and John Beckett
Squib 593 3point9 Fergus O'Kelly
Squib 801 Tears for Fears Niall Monks
Howth 17 12 Rosemary Curley, Jones, Potter
Puppeteer P-15 Trick or Treat Alan Pearson/Alan Blay
Class 1 IRL-1097 Jammy Daniel O'Grady
Class 1 IRL-1141 Storm Pat kelly
Non Spinnaker IRL-3230 Sapphire Declan Gray
Class 1 IRL-1773 BNRG David Maguire
Class 1 IRL-7491 J's Us Mark McLoughlin
Non Spinnaker IRL-8331 Changeling Kieran Jameson
Class 1 IRL-985 Red Cloud Norbert Reilly
Puppeteer IRE-22 Weyhey Ian Dickson
Class 2 IRL-3022 XEBEC bourke mcgirr ball
Class 3 IRL-4444 Insider Stephen Mullaney
Howth 17 15 Bobolink Doyle, Finnegan, Walsh
Class 1 GBR-948 Jeannie Robert Dix
Non Spinnaker IRL-1430 Mary Ellen Kevinobyrne
Class 2 IRL-7495 Maximus Paddy Kyne
Non Spinnaker IRE-4658T Saoirse Tom Fitzpatrick
Puppeteer IRL-124 HoneyBadger Eamonn Burke & Garrett May
Non Spinnaker 1020 Thar Saile Caoimhin O'Laoi
Class 3 4212 Scandal Isabel Cahill
Class 2 8094 Kingone David kelly
Class 1 IRE-1095 Dear Prudence Geraldine Mahony
Class 1 IRE-1699 Snapshot Michael and Richard Evans
Puppeteer 101 Eclipse A&R Hegarty
Squib 56 Crackertoo Stephen Kay
Puppeteer IRE-386 Gannet Tim Chillingworth
Non Spinnaker IRL-34064 Zarquon Mirja Wenski Jochen Wenski
Non Spinnaker IRL-18224 Cop-On Colm Paul
Puppeteer 79 Mojo Francisco Martinez
Non Spinnaker IRE-96951 Blues Xtra Micheal Carroll
Non Spinnaker IRL-4077 Tiger Stephen Harris / Frank Hughes
Class 1 IRE-19109 Outrajeous Richard Colwell & John Murphy
Howth 17 20 Sheila David Mulligan
Puppeteer 6413 Yellow Peril Neil Murphy / Conor Costello
Non Spinnaker GBR-8571 Spellbound Hugh & Graham Burrows, Linda Skeffington
Class 3 IRL-6563 Animal Gerard O'Sullivan
Class 2 1103 Viking Kevin Darmondy
Non Spinnaker IRL-1618 Altaria Alan Markey
Puppeteer 383 Snowgoose S. Robertson
Non Spinnaker 1688 Seaesta Philip Mitchell
Puppeteer IRL-384 Sanderling Brian Jennings
Non Spinnaker IRE-2070 Terry Mc Coy
Howth 17 4-4-4 Zaida A Carroll, C Houlihan, C Houlihan, K Hurley