Entry List for Lambay Races and Howth Regatta

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Class Sail No. Boat Name Owner Name(s) Club
Squib 37 Kerfuffle Emmet Dalton
Squib 148 Halloween Peter Malone
Squib 593 3point9 Fergus O'Kelly
Squib 801 Tears for Fears Niall Monks
Squib 56 Crackertoo Stephen Kay
Puppeteer 254 Gold Dust Scorie Walls & Declan Browne
Puppeteer 385 Ibis Susan Sheridan
Puppeteer IRE-50 Oddyssey Philip and Roslyn Byrne
Puppeteer P-15 Trick or Treat Alan Pearson/Alan Blay
Puppeteer IRE-22 Weyhey Ian Dickson
Puppeteer IRL-124 HoneyBadger Eamonn Burke & Garrett May
Puppeteer 101 Eclipse A&R Hegarty
Puppeteer IRE-386 Gannet Tim Chillingworth
Puppeteer 79 Mojo Francisco Martinez
Puppeteer 6413 Yellow Peril Neil Murphy / Conor Costello
Puppeteer 383 Snowgoose S. Robertson
Puppeteer IRL-384 Sanderling Brian Jennings
Non Spinnaker IRL-657 Voyager 657 Joe Carton
Non Spinnaker 1411T Toughnut Dermot skehan
Non Spinnaker IRL-2070 Out&About McCoy Cregan
Non Spinnaker Irl387 Mystique of malahide R&R Michael
Non Spinnaker IRL-6001 REBELLION Hughes O'Mahony Hanlon
Non Spinnaker 3335-C Bite the Bullet Colm Bermingham
Non Spinnaker 381 Tritsch-Tratsch IV David Delamer
Non Spinnaker IRL-4073 Splashdance Andy George and John Beckett
Non Spinnaker IRL-3230 Sapphire Declan Gray
Non Spinnaker IRL-8331 Changeling Kieran Jameson
Non Spinnaker IRL-1430 Mary Ellen Kevinobyrne
Non Spinnaker IRE-4658T Saoirse Tom Fitzpatrick
Non Spinnaker 1020 Thar Saile Caoimhin O'Laoi
Non Spinnaker IRL-34064 Zarquon Mirja Wenski Jochen Wenski
Non Spinnaker IRL-18224 Cop-On Colm Paul
Non Spinnaker IRE-96951 Blues Xtra Micheal Carroll
Non Spinnaker IRL-4077 Tiger Stephen Harris / Frank Hughes
Non Spinnaker GBR-8571 Spellbound Hugh & Graham Burrows, Linda Skeffington
Non Spinnaker IRL-1618 Altaria Alan Markey
Non Spinnaker 1688 Seaesta Philip Mitchell
Non Spinnaker IRE-2070 Terry Mc Coy
Howth 17 7 Aura Ian Malcolm
Howth 17 6 Anita Donald Massey
Howth 17 11 Deilginis Massey, Toomey, Kenny
Howth 17 17 Oona Peter Courtney
Howth 17 19 Isobel Brian & Conor Turvey
Howth 17 21 Orla Gallagher & Fitzgibbon
Howth 17 3 Leila Roddy Cooper
Howth 17 14 Gladys Ferris/Byrne
Howth 17 12 Rosemary Curley, Jones, Potter
Howth 17 15 Bobolink Doyle, Finnegan, Walsh
Howth 17 20 Sheila David Mulligan
Howth 17 4-4-4 Zaida A Carroll, C Houlihan, C Houlihan, K Hurley
Class 3 IRL-8188 Alliance II Vincent Gaffney
Class 3 GBR-4064 Legal Alien Jill Sommerville
Class 3 IRL-9541 K-Nine Mulvihill & Murphy
Class 3 680 Kilcullen David Johnston
Class 3 IRL-4444 Insider Stephen Mullaney
Class 3 4212 Scandal Isabel Cahill
Class 3 IRL-6563 Animal Gerard O'Sullivan
Class 2 IRL-988 Dux Caroline Nico Gore-Grimes
Class 2 IRL-2794 Mata Wright de Neve
Class 2 IRL-2016 Checkmate XV David Cullen
Class 2 IRE-2507 Impetuous Noonan/Chambers
Class 2 IRL-1972 No Excuse Wormald, Walsh, O'Neill
Class 2 IRL-3022 XEBEC bourke mcgirr ball
Class 2 IRL-7495 Maximus Paddy Kyne
Class 2 8094 Kingone David kelly
Class 2 1103 Viking Kevin Darmondy
Class 1 IRL-6697 Jeneral Lee C & K Kavanagh
Class 1 IRL-9970 Lambay Rules Stephen Quinn
Class 1 IRL-1097 Jammy Daniel O'Grady
Class 1 IRL-1141 Storm Pat kelly
Class 1 IRL-1773 BNRG David Maguire
Class 1 IRL-7491 J's Us Mark McLoughlin
Class 1 IRL-985 Red Cloud Norbert Reilly
Class 1 GBR-948 Jeannie Robert Dix
Class 1 IRE-1095 Dear Prudence Geraldine Mahony
Class 1 IRE-1699 Snapshot Michael and Richard Evans
Class 1 IRE-19109 Outrajeous Richard Colwell & John Murphy