Entry List for Gibney Classic

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Class Sail No Boat Owner Club Initials IRC Cert? ECHO Cert?
Class 1 1543 Indian Colm Buckley / Simon Knowles HYC Yes Yes
Class 1 3470 Flashback Breen Hogg HYC
Class 2 985 Red Cloud Norbert Reilly HYC Yes Yes
Class 2 988 DUX Anthony Gore-Grimes HYC Yes
Class 2 1103 Viking Mark Patterson & Kevin Darmody HYC Yes Yes
Class 2 1972 No Excuse Wormald/Walsh/O'Neill HYC Yes Yes
Class 3 791 Shenanigans Lee Douglas/ Aidan Keane MYC Yes Yes
Class 3 2113 Mon Reve Brian Stewart MYC Yes Yes
Class 3 5253 Silver Shamrock Conor Fogerty HYC Yes Yes
Class 3 7209 buster patrick higginbotham HYC Yes
Class 3 8188 Alliance II Vincent Gaffney HYC Yes Yes
Class 3 10767 Don Giovanni Cillian Macken HYC Yes Yes
Howth 17 1 Rita Marcus Lynch and John Curley HYC
Howth 17 2 Pauline S O'Doherty HYC
Howth 17 3 Leila Roddy Cooper HYC
Howth 17 5 SilverMoon Susan Morgan HYC
Howth 17 8 Echo B & H Lynch HYC
Howth 17 11 Deilginis Massey/Toomey HYC
Howth 17 14 Gladys Ian Byrne HYC Yes
Howth 17 16 Eileen Rima Macken HYC
Howth 17 17 Oona Peter Courtney HYC
Howth 17 18 Erica Hansen, O'Mara, Gilna HYC
Howth 17 19 Isobel Brian & Conor Turvey HYC
Howth 17 20 Sheila david mulligan HYC
Howth 17 21 Orla Ger Comerford HYC
Non Spinny 46 Alice Mark lynch HYC
Non Spinny 100 Demelza Steffi & Windsor HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 992 Calypso David Greene MYC
Non Spinny 1333 White Lotus Paul Tully dlm... Yes Yes
Non Spinny 1411T Tough Nut Dermot Skehan HYC Yes
Non Spinny 1430 Mary ellen Kevinobyrne HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 1517 Alphida Harry Byrne HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 1688 Seaesta Philip Mitchell HYC Yes
Non Spinny 2070 Out and About T McCoy HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 3230 Sapphire D Gray HYC Yes
Non Spinny 3335 Bite the Bullet Colm Bermingham HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 3400 Brazen Hussy J Barry/M Stirling HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 4073 Splashdance J Beckett/A George HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 5115 Force Five Richard Mcallister HYC
Non Spinny 8571 Spellbound L Skeffington/G Burrows HYC Yes Yes
Non Spinny 9400 Trinculo Michael Fleming HYC Yes Yes
Puppeteer 15 Trick or Treat alan pearson HYC
Puppeteer 22 Weyhey m mckeon HYC
Puppeteer 187 Flycatcher Frank Dillon HYC
Puppeteer 383 Snowgoose Sarah Robertson HYC
Puppeteer 384 Sanderling Brian Jennings HYC
Squib 423 Seabi Scuit Serena Blacoe HYC
Squib 792 Absolutely Fabulous Mary Faherty HYC