Entry List for Howth 17 Footer Championships

You cannot enter this event at this time

Sail No Boat Owner Helm
19 Isobel Brian and Conor Turvey Brian Turvey
8 eCHO B & H Lynch H Lynch
14 Gladys Byrne, Ferris, Heydon Ian byrne
20 Sheila David mulligan Andy johnston David mulligan
11 Deilginis Deilginis Team Luke Massey
21 Orla Ger Comerford Ger Comerford
18 Erica Hansen/O'Mara/Gilna Hansen, C./Gilna, S.
15 Bobolink Hugh Walsh Hugh Walsh
7 Aura Ian Malcolm Ian Malcolm
1 Rita Marcus Lynch and John Curley Marcus Lynch
2 Pauline O’Doherty /Kenny Tba, subject to availability
17 Oona Peter Courtney Peter Courtney
16 Eileen Rima Macken Rima
3 Leila Roddy Cooper Roddy Cooper
5 Silvermoon Susan Morgan Susan Morgan
4 Zaida Tom Houlihan Tom Houlihan