Crane Booking

This is a booking system only, so you are not charged on submission of the form.
Payment is made as usual when you contact the marina office, by phone or visit.
All services must be paid in full before facilities are provided.

The objective of this online booking system is to automate the scheduling of the crane and cradle.

Boat Owner Details
Boat Details
  • metres

Members Non-Members
Up to 6m €28.00 €76.00
6.1 - 7.5m €42.00 €101.00
7.6 - 9m €56.00 €133.00
9.1m - 11m €69.50 €170.50
11.1 - 12.5m €83.00 €202.00
Over 12.6m €96.00 €234.00

Cradle is only available with the big crane

Cradle is booked from 11:30 to 10.30am on the following day. When Cradle is booked, Big Crane is in use from 11:00am to 11:30 am on Day 1 and from 10:30am to 11:00am on day 2

If you want longer than 24 hours, please contact the marina office 01 839 2777

Members Non-Members
€32.00 €63.00
€14.00 €23.00

Payment will be taken at the Marina Office, not online.

Total Price

More Information on Booking Times for Cranes and Cradles +

The big crane can lift up to 15 tons and has a facility for cradle alongside.

The small crane can lift up to 3 tons with centre-lift.

Half-hour time slots

The cranes are booked by selecting a half hour time slot.

The half-hour time slots are from:

  • 9:00am to 8:30pm in the summer and
  • 9:00am to about 3:30pm in the winter.

The change from summer to winter times is in mid-April.

Cradle use

When the cradle is in use, the lift-out and lift-in times on the big crane are allocated for that boat. These half-hour slots are reserved for that boat and do not appear as available on the online booking panel.


Terms and Conditions
  • Crane/Cradle no shows will be charged in full
  • It is the responsibility of the boat owner to supply adequate manpower for crane use.