Marina Berthing and Ancillary Rates 2017

(Includes electricity) Daily rate €3.65 per metre Minimum €22.00  
(Electricity extra as below) Weekly rate €18.00 per metre    
(Electricity extra as below) Monthly rate €55.00 per metre    

Please call to inquire about winter and long stay rates.


Optional ancillary Charges:        
Electricity: >1 week  €0.23 per Kwh    
Laundry: Washer €4.50 (with Liquid)  
  Dryer €4.00    
    Visitor Rates    
Crane* Up to 6m €72.00    
  6.1 - 7.5 m €96.00    
  7.6 -  9m €126.00    
  9.1 - 11m €162.00    
  11.1 - 12.5m €192.00    
  12.6m + €222.00    
*Cradle 24 Hr period €100.00    
Use of Power Washer   €20.00    
Crane use for Masts        
Cruiser etc   €60.00 per hour  
17's, Squib, Puppeteer, One design   €22.00 per hour  
*Crane charge is for a 30 Minute period only      
*Crane/Cradle no shows will be charged in full      
 It is the responsibility of owner to supply adequate manpower for crane use.  
Issue date 15/02/17        


Member's auxiliary yacht rate up to 120 litre:  95c per Litre

Visitor's auxiliary yacht rate up to 120 litre:  €1.15 per Litre

Motor yacht volume price per litre > 120 litre: 74c per Litre

Prices correct at 15th March 2017. Prices may change without notice due to fluctuation of market/supplier prices.

All prices apply to a single boat in a single transaction at time of supply.