Message from the Commodore

21st December 2016

Dear Members,

The Flag Officers and General Committee of HYC would like to wish all our members and staff a very pleasant and peaceful Christmas. We know that this can be a difficult time for some members who have lost friends and family during the year and our thoughts are with them.

The General Committee that was elected on 8th December is now focused on the next number of years and on ways and means to improve the position of the club from all aspects. This will include the financial management, the management of resources and the development of sailing as our core activity. In this regard we are going to concentrate on a number of key targets:

2017 – ‘The year of the Volunteer’

As has been shown over the last number of years, the club has operated with the significant input of volunteers and their input is greatly appreciated and necessary. In the main, volunteers run the vast majority of activity within the club and we need to appreciate and increase this volunteerism.

To this end, we will be having a Volunteers’ Evening on the 26th of January. The evening is to outline the various areas that members can contribute to and also to acknowledge and demonstrate the mutual benefits to both members and club. We will be outlining the duties of various committees of the club and introducing their teams whilst asking members to join some of these committees, depending on roles and skills required. Over the last number of weeks many members have come forward and offered their help and this is greatly appreciated and will continue to be put to good use.

Five-year plan.

Some of the problems that we incurred recently probably emanate from the fact that we don’t have a clear long-term plan of action and like any voyage, it needs a route set out.

We are all aware of the difficulties facing many clubs, not just sailing clubs. The key is to have a plan and clear strategy, one which can be honed and iterated consistently. In this regard, a strategic group made up of club members will be appointed to draft a plan that will address all the issues both on and off the water, including:

·       Membership decline.

·       The issues facing sailing including cost and competition from other sports.

·       The future threats from other sources such as lifestyle changes.

We will present a members’ forum in February, at which the General Committee will present a draft ‘future plan’ for discussion with members.


The Sailing Committee will be chaired by Vice Commodore Emmet Dalton and will be reviewing all activities for the coming season with a view to improving various aspects of what is the most fundamental aspect of the club's activities. We hope that the adoption of new initiatives and adding new members to this Committee enhances this already vibrant team and will further improve sailing activities available in the club.

I look forward to seeing you in the club over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Commodore Joe McPeake