13 Feb: Get Afloat at HYC


Whether you are new to the Club or a long-time member, a willing crew or an experienced owner, join us in the Asgard Room on Monday 13 February at 7.30pm. We’ll be talking all about getting afloat at HYC - how, with whom, what’s involved.

We’ll provide a few savvy sailors and boat owners to share their hard-won wisdom, but we also want to provide YOU with the opportunity to connect with others to accomplish your goal – whether that’s buying, selling, or crewing on a boat.

Maybe you are wondering about the social niceties of crewing; maybe you are thinking of buying a boat and would like to go halves with someone; maybe you are looking to share your boat with a keen co-owner; maybe you are just interested in hearing more about the whole thing...

There will be a few short tips from the experts, plus lots of time to discuss, chat, and ask questions. It could be a lucky 13th!

Monday, 13 February, at 7:30pm in the Asgard Room. Please register your interest, along with any topics you'd like to see addressed, by emailing cruising@hyc.ie.