29 Oct: Halloween Disco


What kind of music do mummies like to listen to at Halloween? Wrap music, obviously.

Tell your own mummy (and daddy, and whoever else) that on Saturday, 29 October, you'll be joining us for a Halloween Disco in the HYC Junior Room! Costumes are encouraged...we'll have neck-tarines for the vampires, spare ribs for the skeletons, and pharoah roche for the mummies. 

Tomb it may concern, the people have spoken and the Double Disco business model was a raging success. As such, a "petit disco" has been organised for the minis -- 6 to 9 year-olds are invited to come dancing from 5pm to 7pm, while the mature crowed (ages 10-15) can have a party all their own from 7:45 to 10pm. How's that for something for everyone? There will be the music, pizza, food, and partying that you've come to love, but with an age-appropriate spin for the little ones at the early disco.

Don't ghost us -- disco-ver all the details here.