26 Oct: Talk with Professor Tom Ray


Remember earlier this summer, when every newspaper (and all of your social media feeds) filled with images from the James Webb Space Telescope? If you didn't have an Irish angle to put on the event, we're here to give you one.

Image from the James Webb Space Telescope

Professor Tom Ray, an Irishman and member of HYC, helped to build NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, the largest and most powerful telescope to date -- and he's coming to HYC to tell the tale on Wednesday, 26 October at 7:30pm. His talk, entitled 'From Dublin Time to the James Webb Space Telescope,' will have you pondering your place in the cosmos, and hearing about how a man from Malahide helped us all get a glimpse of them.

Professor Tom Ray (photo by David Conachy, courtesy of the Irish Independent)