Deferral of Howth Yacht Club Sailing Season

01 April 2020
Deferral of Howth Yacht Club Sailing Season

The Sailing Committee has considered the ongoing CV19 situation and its implications for both Club racing and upcoming HYC Open Events, particularly since the Clubhouse, boat deck and the marina are all closed until at least April 19th in accordance with the Government's restrictions, which we recognise may be extended beyond that date.
We have reluctantly decided to postpone the commencement of the Club's Summer racing season, which was due to start on Tuesday, April 28th
Whilst we cannot offer a definite commencement date, we are planning to start in time for Series 2.  This would see the first Club races held on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd.June.
If it is possible to start earlier and run a shortened Series 1, at least two weeks’ notice will be provided to all Classes in advance of their first race.
All Open Events scheduled for Howth YC during the period up to April 19th have already been cancelled or postponed.  This includes the WAVE Regatta, incorporating the Lambay Races, which is now rescheduled for Sept 11 - 13th.  The 125th Anniversary Cruise in Company to Scotland, scheduled for June, has unfortunately been cancelled.
In the light of the ongoing restrictions, the situation regarding Open Events scheduled for the period up to June 2nd is now as follows:
Spring Warmers: April 25th / 26th - cancelled.
Fingal Series Coastal Race: May 9th - postponed to date that will be advised
Laser Leinsters – May 9th/10th - postponed to date to be agreed with Irish Laser Class Association, possibly in Autumn 2020.
HYC Family Fun Day - June 1st – Postponed to later in 2020.
We are all aware of the National priorities. Many families will be touched by tragedy and sailing is not a current priority but we hope these decisions will help you plan and hopefully prepare for a return to some normality. It is also an attempt to be pragmatic with the information available and an awareness that current CV19 counter measures could change at short notice
We will need to be flexible as our plans may change. We will keep you informed and hope it will give members a positive outlook at the prospect of a return to racing, especially our many senior and at risk members currently cocooned.  In the meantime, keep well and look after yourself, your family and neighbours and look forward patiently to sunny days afloat. 

Caroline Gore-Grimes
Honorary Sailing Secretary
1st April 2020