Workshop for sale

Advert Status: Active from 05 Jul 2019 to 05 Sep 2019

For sale
Currently north County Dublin
12 feet x 37 feet (3.675m x 11.277m)
Steel structure.
8 foot 6 inch (2.59m) wide roller door. Separate access door.
Workshop is fully insulated, including the roller door.
4 double sockets. 8 double fluorescent lights.
Includes workbenches, which can be configured into a laminating table.
Workshop also doubles as an oven for post curing laminates.
Needs to be relocated. Assistance in transportation can be provided.
Specification for concrete base is available.
Boat not included.

Contact: Nicholas Butterfield
087 9176909 or by email


Nicholas Butterfield
Reference: 788