Yeoman Navigator Pro

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The Yeoman is designed for permanent installation on (or under) a chart table—the Navigator Pro. The system works when the mouse is as much as one inch away from the pad, as long as there’s no metal between the two. It operates on 12-volt (nominal) power supplies. They’ll run on voltages between 10 and 15 volts and draw a mere 250 milliamps.
It features a lighted mouse and can interface with a radar installation (you need an electronic compass interfaced to your radar). They work with essentially any radar that accepts waypoint information from a GPS in NEMA format.
It will automatically correct for magnetic variation; you input the current year and the Yeoman keeps track of annual changes in variation.
The Yeoman system has several excellent features to recommend it. It works with the paper charts that you should carry in any case. It encourages you to keep a hard copy of all your work—essential should the electronics fail. It’s easy to read even in bright sunlight. It uses charts that let you see a relatively large area without losing detail. It doesn’t require additional panel or chart table space.
For Sale in aid of Howth RNLI Lifeboats

Rose Michael
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