One Design Keelboat Club Racing 2016

Tuesday Series

Puppeteer & J80

Prize Categories: Scratch & Handicap

                                                  Start                          End                        Races

Series 1                                     3rd May                      7th June                       6

Series 2                                     14th June                   19th July                       6

Series 3                                     26th July                    30th August                   6

Mini Series                                 15th August                30th August                   3


Tuesday & Saturday Series

Howth Seventeen

Prize Categories: Scratch and Handicap

                                                  Start                          End                           Races

Series 1                                     3rd May                      4th June                        10

Series 2                                     7th June                     16th July                        12

Series 3                                     19th July                     30th August                    13

Mini Series (Tuesdays)                 15th August                30th August                     3

17 Footer - Stuttard Cup (SCR) & President's Salver (H-CAP)

3 Saturdays: 24th May, 28th June, 16th August

(No club race 4th June because of Lambay Races)